Alessandro Crudele's Concertgebouw, Amsterdam debut
Alessandro Crudele’s debut concert at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on April 29th with Sinfonia Rotterdam was a great success and well-received by the critics...
An Hon ARAM has been awarded to Guy Johnston by the ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC, where Guy is a Professor.
Norman Perryman – Music as a journey in paint
Musica Universalis announces a new collaboration with unique live performance artist, Norman Perryman.

Have you ever wondered what music looks like? Have you ever seen music move beyond the notes, in colour and form? Many musicians and artists over the years have been identified as having synaesthesia, a fusion of the senses where an overlap enables usually auditory responses to play on another part of the brain so that one can ‘see’ music...
Musica Universalis offers a collaborative and holistic approach to classical artists' management with a firm emphasis on high artistic ideals, career diversity in line with the artist's aspirations, career guidance and mentorship. The boutique approach is supported by strategy and PR, and underlined by understanding an ever-evolving profession and market. I aim to develop careers with flexibility and vision that will support my artists well into the 21st century.

Musica Universalis is also a creative consultancy, developing special projects for its artists and other partners, which are compatible with imaginative artistry, innovation and diversity. Current partners include Northern Chords and composer Charlotte Bray.

Musica Universalis is a full member of IAMA (International Artist Managers' Association)

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